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What attracts many parents initially to Montessori toys is how aesthetically pleasing they are. They FEEL GOOD to be around. They're simple, educational and allow children to explore cause and effect.

Typically Montessori toys are made of natural materials and fibres such as wood, cotton, wool or natural rubber.

They are designed to invite investigation and self-correction without being over-stimulating.

Montessori toys are designed to grow with your child, presenting new challenges as they develop.

The materials form part of the 0-3 years Montessori curriculum.

Our Playguides provide ideas to keep your little one engaged and stimulated, like how to rotate toys and when to introduce something new.

Montessori toys are designed to meet your child’s developmental milestones and to provide just enough challenge to encourage repetition.

They were specifically designed with educational outcomes in mind, without being over-stimulating.

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