Forbes once reported "the future of education was invented in 1906". The year Dr. Maria Montessori opened her revolutionary school.

Dr. Montessori was an inspiring Changemaker who left a huge mark on the world. Not only was she the first ever female doctor in Italy, she saw education as human right, and created a method that's now backed by modern science.

Her approach is centred around freedom within age-appropriate limits and facilitating independence.

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It's true that officially there is no such thing as a 'Montessori toy' - though many toys that promote independence and STEM learning can be considered Montessori.

Here are a few things Montessori inspired toys have in common:

- Don't have flashing lights or need batteries to operate.

- Are purposeful and encourage repetition, mastering one skill at a time

- Made of natural materials, grounded in real life and facilitate sensory learning experiences.

You can begin to incorporate Montessori into your home by pausing before stepping in to help, and enabling your child to practice making choices.

"Would you like this? Or this?"

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Unlike much of what's available on Amazon and Ebay, our wooden toys are hand-crafted from FSC certified wood, using baby-safe non-toxic paint and finishes.

Mums today are more educated than ever and appreciate that the philosophy is grounded in neuroscience: based on observations of how humans learn best.

We love that Montessori follows a 'less is more' approach, centred around simplicity and minimalism - just like us!

Our PlayTools are inspired by Montessori, and come paired with simplified research - via digital or printed playguides - to help make Montessori more accessible.

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