Parenthood is wild. Science makes it simpler.

Hey Mama

If you're anything like us, you were handed a baby with zero training and next-to-no-idea how to become the parent you want to be.

With so much information and products available, how do any of us know where to begin?

We're here to help navigate the transition into #mumlife with more calm, less clutter and science-backed essentials.

If you can relate, you're in the right place!

How we Parent has the Power to Change the World

Here's the thing.

From birth until age 3, humans unconsciously absorb every experience. Everything we see, touch and hear becomes part of who we are.

Yet we live in a society that significantly undervalues the importance of childhood... and barely supports our transition to becoming parents.

We're here to help bridge that gap.

What we Buy has the Power to Save the Planet

Plastic is destroying the Earth. There's no nice way to say it.

With billions of humans alive on Earth - collectively shaping the future through our choices - imagine the difference we could make if we all stopped buying plastic toys for our kids.

Just imagine.

We imagined. Then we started creating solutions.

3 Things Every Parent Needs to Know

1. Aligning parenting stylebased on data is the easiest way to avoid drama (and show up as the best parent you can be!)

2. Consistency is key for raising secure confident humans

3. All bub really needs, is you!

Brain-Boosting Playthings, Backed by Science

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