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Our Story

Learning about child development can quickly escalate into a full time job.

And when you're new parents, finding time to do the research comes at a price. Usually sleep!

We founded Monti&Me so parents can feel confident without having to sacrifice time: the most important resource any of us have.

Together with child development experts, we simplified the neuroscience and sourced the essentials.

To help make parenting and play, just that little bit easier!

We’re on a mission to build a bright tomorrow with changemakers like you

We’re making a difference by:

1) Helping parents feel more confident in their new role

Perinatal anxiety or depression affects around 100,000 families across Australia every year. Our founder, Jayne was one of those mums. Jayne felt totally out of her depth as a first-time-mum and found confidence in decades of developmental research. Evidence-based parenting approach literally takes the guesswork out of the hardest job in the world.

2) Helping heal our Planet

Plastic is killing the planet and with 300,000 babies born in Australia every year, the number of plastic toys in homes australia-wide is gut wrenching. We wanted to do more to make positive change in the world.  And so do parents like you.  In 2019, 77% of people said they want to learn how to be more sustainable.

3) Help build babies brain through play

By age 2, 80% of the brain is formed. The most critical period of human life is the first 1000 days. Co-creating a better world starts now.

"100,000 women in Australia experience antenatal anxiety or depression. I was one of those Mums"

When Jayne became pregnant with her first child, she learned that scientists widely consider the first 3 years to be the most important period in development.

After a brief stint convinced her child was better off without her - on account of the complete lack of knowledge or experience - she hit the text books.

Anxiety + 9 months = the birth of Monti&Me.

Like you, Jayne soughtsustainable learning toys, tailored to her child's stage of development, backed by decades of child development research.

But in Australiacirca 2019, it didn't exist.

So, together with child development experts, she made it happen.

If your baby could talk, we know they would thank you for seeking out sustainable toys that don’t cost The Planet. 

Designed for brain development

There are 3 things every new parent needs to know:

1. Consistency is key for raising secure confident humans

2. Children are waaaay smarterthan adults give them credit for

3. Aligning parenting stylebased on data is the easiest way to avoid drama.

Brains are built, not born. 80% of your child's brain develops in the first 2 years.

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