The Changemaker Set: A Year of Play!

Proudly 'Baby Play Product of the Year' 2022. Rated Australia's #1 baby play product!

A year of Montessori-inspired play in one box!

✅ We've sourced the essentials and made it easy to introduce Montessori principles at home

✅ Set includes 10 brain-boosting PlayTools backed by science, paired with playtime help for parents

✅ No filler. All killer. Think of this as 'the-best-of' stage-based-playkits without the extras you don't need

✅ Take out the guesswork and rock your new parenting gig, with ways-to-play inspo and expert guidance


How bub benefits





What's it made from?

  • We proudly use FSC-certified beech wood - handcrafted in China by one of the world's most well-known maker of Montessori materials - and finished with baby-safe, non-toxic paint.
  • Our award-winning Contrast Cards are made from reinforced matte card and free of any laquers or varnish.
    Our vegan Play Silks feel just as silky as animal made silk but without the cruelty (google how silk is made, it's pretty horrifying).
  • For details on caring for your heirloom quality PlayTools, click here.


Dimensions/care/disclaimers & product warnings:


  • Self Standing Contract Card Set– QTY 1: 14cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 90cm (when open)
  • Wooden Rolling Bell – QTY 1: 7cm (L) 6.5cm (W)
  • Wooden Teether– QTY 1: 7.5cm (L) x 6.8cm (W)
  • Organic Sensory Ball– QTY 1: 15.24cm (L) x 15.24cm (W) x 15.24cm (D)
  • Vegan Play Silk:QTY 1: 90cm x 90cm. Made from silk feel polyster
  • Wooden Object Permanence Box / Drop Box– QTY 1:
  • Wooden Push Balls - QTY 1:
  • Wooden Rainbow Spinning Drum - QTY 1:

Product Dimension Disclaimer

Monti&Me make every effort to give you accurate information regarding the dimensions of our products. However, please note that due to the nature of the assembly process measurement vary slightly to the specified dimensions. If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with us at



Wooden toys

Wooden toys are absorbent in nature and should not be submerged in water. Wipe items clean with damp cloth and if required a non-abrasive cleaner. 


Organic cotton toys

Machine wash separately using cold water and gentle cycle. We recommend that all fabric items be air dried out of direct sunlight.


Wipe clean after use

Unless otherwise stated we recommend wiping each toy clean with a damp cloth after every use. Use a mild soap if necessary.


Unless otherwise stated do not

  • Soak or Scrub
  • Use abrasive cleaners / cloths
  • Use a sanitizer, steamer or microwave to clean
  • Use alcohol-based products to clean
  • Use a dishwasher





Choking Hazards and Strangulation Hazards. 


When using any item of this Set:


  • Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance.
  • Never leave your baby in the care of children.
  • When not in use store out of reach of your baby.


Strangulation Risk


Sensory Play Silk |  WARNING! Attach this toy out of the reach of the child. To prevent possible strangulation or injury by entanglement, remove the toy when the child starts trying to get up on its hands and knees in a crawling position



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Why Monti&Me?

Backed by science and recommended by experts, Monti&Me was created for Australian families who want to rock their new parenting/teacher gig.

✔️ Proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated

🏆 2022 Winner of Best Baby Play Product

⭐ Thousands of happy customers and 145+ 5 star reviews

Parenting is wild, science makes it simpler

Research shows that over 80% of the brain develops by age 3.

But if you're anything like us, you were handed your baby with zero training and next-to-no idea how to become the parent you want to be.

We're on a mission to change that.

Introducing The Changemaker Playset

Thoughtfully created to support multiple development periods, The Changemaker brings parents a year of play in one box!

✅ Set includes 10 brain-boosting PlayTools backed by science, paired with playtime help for parents

✅ Makes it easy to introduce Montessori principles at home

✅ Rock your new parenting gig with ways-to-play inspo and guidance from development experts

Award-Winning and Brain-Boosting

One of the first toys to introduce is the 2-in-1 Spiral Mobile: designed to gently awaken the senses as it swirls, soothes and stimulates brain connections.

Mesmerising from birth and when bub shows signs of boredom, simply flip the mobile for a new colourful challenge (without extra clutter and cost!)

You get a break, while bub learns through play

The Set includes our best-selling contrast cards, which help to build focus from birth.

✔️Loved by parents

✔️ Self-standing

✔️ Unlike any other on the market

✔️ Parents report up to 30 minute of down time each awake window

Heirloom Quality and Baby-Safe

Neuroscience has proven the more we expose babies to how the world works in the first 3 years of life the richer their neural brain networks become.

Pique your little ones interest and encourage them to explore with science-backed toys, like our Push Balls.

✔️ Builds foundation of physics and logic

✔️ Practice fine & gross motor skills

✔️ Track balls from left-to-right: a pre-curser to reading

Fuss-Free Returns: Love it or return within 30 days

We're so confident you will love our PlayTools they comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you don't, simply send back within 30 days in it's original packaging for a refund.

Please note - return shipping costs are the buyers responsibility.

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