A How-To Guide on Practicing Montessori & Minimalist Living

A How-To Guide on Practicing Montessori & Minimalist Living

Deciding upon the Montessori Method for your child and family also means adjusting your lifestyle to living minimally and mindfully.  Follow our 6 steps guide that is designed to fit any home and any family.  By making simple changes you can achieve an immediate and positive impact.

  1. Declutter

    A Montessori home focuses on simplicity and contains only the essentials for a child’s healthy development.  There is nothing in excess with every space, item of furniture and material being selected for a defined purpose.  Remove clutter items that fail to serve a purpose or are superfluous in quantity.  A distraction-free and calm home supports you and your child’s pace and focus.

  2. Create a ‘yes’ space for your child.

    Creating a space of freedom of choice and movement is liberating for a child. Design play spaces with open low shelving and limit available materials from 6 to 8.  Extend these spaces to your child’s bedroom with a capsule wardrobe and floor bed, bathroom with a self-care station, kitchen with an accessible shelf and dining area with a low level table and chair.  Find the joy in observing your child gain independence in their own home environment.

  3. Sense of order

    A child naturally seeks and is calmed by a sense of order and rhythm.  Ensure materials are displayed in a consistent manner with rotations typically kept to every couple of months based on a child’s needs and interests.  Daily rhythms naturally evolve for your child and family where activities, household tasks and mealtimes flow in an unrushed manner.

  4. Practical life skills

    Include your child in as many daily life activities as possible. These are wonderful skills you can model to your child and encourage purposeful independence. As a valued member of the family involve them in age-appropriate tasks from emptying items from the dishwasher, unpacking the groceries and simple assistance in the kitchen at mealtimes.

  5. Practice mindsets 

    An integral part of the Montessori Method is developing our mindset. Each child is unique and, by following their needs, interests and abilities we can provide the best supportive environment for their development.  This includes physical materials and also prepared parents who respond to their child with engagement, support and warmth.  Aim to include these mindsets in everyday life.

  6. Maximise outdoors

    Montessori and minimalist living encourages more time outdoors and in natural surroundings. Maria Montessori speaks of the value of giving each child the opportunity to be in nature and explore the world they live in.


When beginning to embrace Montessori and minimalist living start slowly with areas you and your child are most comfortable with.  Expand and embrace the approach as it unfolds.

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