Newborn Playset

Reasons You Need our Brain-Boosting Bundle

✅ You get 10 research-backed toys, recommended by experts

✅ Supports multiple development periods from birth to 9 months

🧠 Stimulates neural pathways, building focus & attention

🤰🏽 No nasties: heirloom quality, baby-safe and sustainable

🤰🏽 The perfect gift for minimalists and Montessori families

How baby benefits

This Set encourages babies to explore their new world from birth:

✅ Developmentally appropriate and not over-stimulating

✅ Awaken the senses

✅ Strengthen vision and build focus

✅ Make the most of tummy time

✅ Practice using both sides of the brain and two hands together


What's it made from?

The wooden toys are:
✅ Sustainably sourced (FSC certified wood and varnish-free card) 

✅ Finished with non-toxic paint or clear varnish

✅ Hand-crafted with love and care in China


The soft playthings are: 

✅ Vegan Playsilk (made from silk-like polyster)

✅ Organic cotton and bamboo muslin

✅ Hand-crafted with love in China 


Our outer packaging and playguides are 100% curb-side recyclable


Warnings & Dimensions

WARNING!Choking Hazards and Strangulation Hazards. When using any item:


  • Adult supervision is required at all times
  • Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance
  • Never leave your baby in the care of children
  • When not in use store out of reach of your baby


Strangulation Risk


Sensory Play Silk |  WARNING!  When hung from a mobile, attach this toy out of the reach of the child. To prevent possible strangulation or injury by entanglement, remove the toy when the child starts trying to get up on its hands and knees in a crawling position




  • Self Standing Contract Cards – QTY 8: 14cm (L) x 14cm (W)
  • Rolling Bell – QTY 1: 7cm (L) 6.5cm (W)
  • Hand to Hand Disc – QTY 1: 9.7cm (L) 6.8cm (W)
  • Wooden Teether– QTY 1: 7.5cm (L) x 6.8cm (W)
  • Sensory Shaker Eggs– QTY 2: 7.5cm (L) x 6.8cm (W)
  • Organic Muslin– QTY 1: 90cm (L) x 90cm (W)


Product Dimension Disclaimer

Monti&Me make every effort to give you accurate information regarding the dimensions of our products. However, please note that due to the nature of the assembly process measurement vary slightly to the specified dimensions. If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with us at

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What's inside and why?

This Limited Edition Playkit contains some of our best-selling PlayTools for babies, paired with sensory essentials we know your newborn will love.

✔️ Awaken the senses without overstimulating

✔️ Strengthen vision and focus

✔️ Encourage exploration and make tummy time easier

✔️ Practice using both sides of the brain

Self-Standing Contrast Cards

Babies are born with under-developed vision and literally crave visual stimulation.

Looking at high contrast images strengthens vision, stimulates neural pathways and builds focus.

🥳 Parents report up to 30 minutes daily down time each awake window

Organic Cotton + Bamboo Muslin

Peek-a-boo! I see you! This soft organic muslin doubles as a light blanket for the pram and impromptu playmat on the go.

Montessori Rolling Bell

Excite bubs senses and stimulate hand-eye coordination with this quintessential Montessori classic.

Peek-a-Boo Mirror

Bub will love discovering their sense of self by looking in the mirror. This one is lightweight and baby-safe, perfect for peeking into!

Hand-to-hand discs

Hand-to-hand transfer develops the right and left sides of the brain encouraging cross-body coordination. They also promote rotation of the wrists - building strength in a purposeful way.

Sensory Shaker Eggs

A staple in many sensory classes and perfect for making music. Learning that objects can make sounds is an early lesson in cause and effect.

Vegan Sensory Silk

Challenge bub to intentionally reach and grasp as you swirl the sensory silk above or practice visual tracking (a foundational skill for reading!) from month 3.

Also included is a wooden triangle teether, perfectly proportioned for little hands to hold.

Egg and Cup

They'll experiment, bang together and figure out how to fit the egg into the cup – a learning process that delights and stimulates cognitive development.

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